Reunion reschedule information

Hello to all, yes I am still your National Director and the Steering Committee remains the same also.  This is due to us not having a general meeting to vote in the new Director and Steering Committee.  I look forward to planning the next reunion and call it “My Second Chance to Get My First Reunion Right.”


As the Reunion Committee makes decisions on the where and when I will update you via the website (thanks Phil) and of course in the newsletter (thanks Bob).  For the 2018 reunion we had a lot of late registrations which caused some problems and confusion so I am asking you to please sign up for Reunion 2019 as soon as you can to allow us the proper time to connect with the activity venders.  Once we decide and get the details the registration forms and itinerary will be on the web and in the newsletter as before.  


One more note, Tom Anderson will be mailing out the shirts you ordered in the coming weeks so keep an eye out for them.  That means no excuses for not wearing your new Outlaw shirt to Reunion 2019.


Any questions or concerns I am always here, thank you for the privilege of being your National Director.  Jim

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